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This web site contains, hopefully, some interesting stuff on my electronic music and my unique equipment designs.  


I got passionately  interested in electronic music in the early 1970’s, inspired by a radical new wave of synthesiser music happening then. It was different new and exciting  but, like many, I had little money to buy expensive synthesiser equipment to create my own. This desire led me down the only path available to me : to learn  about electronic music and how to make some simple synthesiser equipment. Building on my previous knowledge of electronics, I did learn. I built things,  copied and modified stuff by trial and error, experimented and slowly after gaining some confidence started to branch out down my own particular path designing stuff and creating music as knowledge and funds would allow.


Over the years I have both gigged and recorded  extensively with most of this equipment. It has greatly helped me create my own brand of unique electronic music.   I’ve completed 13 albums so far Full information can be found in the “Album Sales” section of this site.


There are many short demo MP3 sound clips spread throughout the site to add extra content to the words, photos and graphics of what I do. I hope you find something of interest here musically, technically or even historically.


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Sound clips and browser troubles !!....

Different Web browsers, I’ve found, unfortunately will treat sound clips and background music quite differently which is a pain so sound clips may not open a nice little box on your particular web browser. With the increasing use of tablets and mobiles, operating system types are increasing, which doesn’t help.  More info on this on my BLOG page.

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The  Facebook  icon above  is a  direct link to  Gary Andrew’s Ron Berry Facebook page which he is kindly running for me.


Native Instruments “Reaktor 4” digital replicas of some of my original analogue acoustic modelling patches are described in the acoustic modelling section of the site are available here for free download. They will work on later versions of “Reaktor” . Examples of  how they sound can be found in the digital part of the acoustic modelling section .... for comparison.

REAKTOR PATCHES... (32KB, (61KB), (17KB, (36KB).

A web site promoting the unique electronic music of Ron Berry; an English musician who builds and designs his own synthesisers and recording equipment.

All my music albums are now available  in MP3, FLAC loss less studio quality and CD form. From the “Album Sales” section, my albums can now be purchased  either as CDs or as downloads in MP3 (320Kbit/s) and  FLAC full studio-quality format. With each download high resolution art work of the original CD covers is included . As there is no media duplication and artwork overheads saving are passed on to you so prices are considerably cheaper than CD.  There is also a free mini “Out of Control” album download  of very early demo and rehearsal tapes.
Online ordering uses the well known  Paypal secure payment system.  information on this, if you want it, is on the “album sales” page and  here.
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